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Olson 25 Boat Owner Registry

Olson 25 Owner Registry

Olson 25 Class Association Officers:

Class Fleet Leader: Steve Smith(Synchronicity)- (650-726-2474) or (605-218-5916)

Class Webmaster: Mike Wilkinson (Paragon)-

Class Mailing Address List Keeper: Dave McMurtry(Three Ring Circus)-

Olson 25 Email mailing list:

Anyone interested in the Olson 25 fleet may sign up to be on our E-mail list. It is the best way to stay current with the Olson 25 fleet. Ask questions, get answers, find out about website updates and race changes...

To send mail to everyone on the Olson 25 list, simply address your message to:

The new archive of emails will be available soon.  Check back for more information.


Find Olson 25 Owners in your Area:

Get connected with Olson 25 Owners. Go for a Sail. Enter a Race Together.
If you're not already on this list or need to update your info fill out the Update Form.


Past Present
2003 Jens Jensen (Hamburger Haus)
2000 Charles Brochard (Baleineau)
1999 Dave McMurtry (Three Ring Circus)
1998 Jay Aiken (Honey's Money)
1997 Jay Aiken (Honey's Money)
1996 Jeffrey Kroeber (Barking Dog)
1995 Jeffrey Kroeber (Barking Dog)
1994 Bill Blosen (Outbound)
1993 Bill Blosen (Outbound)
1992 Bill Riess (Vivace)
1991 Bill Riess (Vivace)
1990 Shirley Temming (Showtime) (Moore moved back east;Temming filled in)
1990 Keith Moore (Witching Hour)
1989 Bruce Bates (Dog Lips)
1988 Kevin O'Donnell (Scrambler)
1987 Steve Roberts (George)
1986 Dick Duoos (Valkyrie)
1985 Steve Shaw (911)

Site maintained by Mike Wilkinson if you have comments or suggestions, or contributions.
Copyright © 2005- Mike Wilkinson(14139)



Sailing News

The Canadian Olson 25 Nationals are going to be at Barrie Yacht Club in September 2011.
(click for more info)

The 34rd America's Cup protocol stipulates all new yachts. It will be held in San Francisco Sept 7-22, 2013.
(click for more info)

Yacht Facts

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