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Pic of the Day

Endeavor to Preserve

Endeavor to Persevere

by Bill Stettiner
June 27, 2000 S/V Tainted Love 35:19 N Lat. 128.05 W Long.

The furler is broke
I must go forward to fix
I hope I don't drown

What size fasteners
Michael will know, he knows all
I will call him now.

To the radio
Foxxfyre this is Tainted Love
How are you doing?

I am fine Michael
I have a question for you
Do you know Harken?

I need to find screws
for the damn furling torque tube
What size go in there?

The screws that you seek
10-32 by quarter
Three will suit your needs.

I do not have those
What else might work do you think?
How about duct tape?

Duct Tape will not do;
tap the hole 1/4-20
and use what you have.

Drill the hole with care
The material is thin
Use lots of lube please.

I always hear that
You and the gerbils agree
What is with my life?

The drill bit to use
is 13/64
Do you have one there?

Time to scare Michael
I do not have a drill here
what else can I do?

On the radio
Ken Roper sends "Get it done!"
I guess I should go.

Armed with the duct tape
and some screws that are wrong
I head forward now.

The screws are too small
Oh crap! What will I do now?
Wrap the tape around them.

Jam them in the holes
Cut the threads into the tape.
I hope this will work.

Success with the first
now I must try the second
Damn it! I dropped it!

Into the ocean
the little screw has fallen
I must be careful.

Now I have two left
tape the screw to the driver
and try to finish.

Wow the screws are in
wrap them with tape and I'm done
Time to go back aft.

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Sailing News

The Canadian Olson 25 Nationals are going to be at Barrie Yacht Club in September 2011.
(click for more info)

The 34rd America's Cup protocol stipulates all new yachts. It will be held in San Francisco Sept 7-22, 2013.
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Yacht Facts

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